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Original Drip Candles
Drip Candles

It is with our sincerest apologies that we are temporarily closed due to several events that have prevented us from fulfilling our customers' orders in a timely manner. We have so many wonderful customers, and it is with great regret that we are unable to provide them our drip candles at this time. We will be back up and running again soon, and we appreciate your understanding and all of the warm wishes we have received during this difficult time for us.
Woodstock Candle Company

All of our Drip Candles are made in vibrant colors. Shipping is only $6.95 for ANY size order shipped within the United States! Order online with secure checkout through Paypal, or if you would like to order using a check or money order simply use our mail order form by clicking here.

Our original Drip Candles. Each candle is about 6 1/2" tall and they drip very well! They are a square shape with a 3/4" base that allows them to fit in the top of most bottles with just a slight push. These drip candles start dripping as soon as the flame reaches the candle. The corners of the candle turn into spires that bend and curl in a most unique way. Approximate burn time: 20-30 minutes per candle.

candles 15 Drip Candles $14.95
24 Drip Candles $23.95 + 1 Extra Candle Free!!
40 Drip Candles $39.95 + 5 Extra Candles Free!!
100 Drip Candles $99.95 + 15 Extra Candles Free!!

Jumbo Drippers™ Drip Candles. Each candle is 9" tall and contains a 1/4 lb of wax! These candles have a 1" square base. They can be placed into a bottle by shaving the bottom to fit, or place them on top of your drip candle mountain. These drip candles have a unique way of melting. They will sometimes pool liquid wax at the top of then candle then suddenly release the melted wax ! It's amazing to see!

5 Jumbo Drip Candles $12.95
12 Jumbo Drip Candles $26.95
24 Jumbo Drip Candles $49.95

Strands of Drip Candles. Each strand has 10 4" Drip Candles and the whole strand is almost 5 feet tall! To use them simply cut off one candle and place it into the top of a bottle, or put it on top of your drip candle mountain.

candlescandles 1 Strand of Drip Candles $9.95
2 Strands of Drip Candles $18.95
5 Strands of Drip Candles $45.95
10 Strands of Drip Candles $89.95

Our sampler packs include a mix of our different Drip Candles.

This sampler pack (#1SA) includes 10 of our original drip candles, 3 Jumbo Drippers™, and 1 strand of 10 drip candles all for only $24.95
This sampler pack (#1SB) includes 40 of our original drip candles, 8 Jumbo Drippers™, and 2 strands of 10 drip candles all for only $69.95
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Drip Candle Mountain
Jumbo Drippers
Jumbo Drippers™
Drip Candle Strands
Drip Candle Strands
Sampler Packs
Sampler Packs

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